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Dishwashers are crucial appliances for a modern kitchen. When dishwashers encounter issues, it disrupts daily routines. At Canada Appliance Repair, we provide expert repair, maintenance, and installation services for residential, industrial, and commercial dishwashers. Our knowledgeable team is available to address any queries you may have. Count on us to keep your dishwasher functioning optimally, ensuring smooth operations in your kitchen.

You need to contact the service center if:

  • Poor cleaning performance: Dishes come out dirty or with residue.
  • Water leakage: Water may leak from the dishwasher.
  • Dishes not drying: Dishes remain wet at the end of the cycle.
  • The dishwasher does not start.
  • Noisy operation: Unusual noises during the wash cycle.
  • The dishwasher has a smell.
  • Soap dispenser issues.
  • Clogged spray arms: Food particles and waste might jam the spray arms.
  • Faulty door latch: The dishwasher door may not latch properly, leading to leaks or inability to start.
  • Electronic control panel problems: Malfunctions or errors displayed on the control panel, hindering operation.
If you notice another problem with your dishwasher machine, call our specialists. They will provide comprehensive advice on the issue.
The skillful technicians will accurately determine the cause of the failure and eliminate it in a short time.

Why choose us for your dishwasher troubleshooting?

  • Repairing electronic systems and replacing components.
  • Servicing dishwashers of both domestic and international brands.
  • Offering a long-term warranty for both services and spare parts.
  • Employing highly skilled technicians to ensure quality repairs.
  • Conducting free visits for diagnostics.
  • Offering emergency service with minimal wait times for technician arrival.
  • Guaranteeing convenient and favorable terms of cooperation for our customers.
  • Ensuring the cost of dishwasher repairs remains within optimal limits.
  • Purchasing spare parts at manufacturer prices, avoiding inflated service rates.
Choose us for reliable and cost-effective solutions to keep your dishwasher running smoothly!


Having your dishwasher serviced annually or at least once every two years is recommended. Regular maintenance helps prevent major issues and keeps your dishwasher in optimal condition. In addition, our technicians can inspect the appliance, clean the filters, check for leaks, and ensure all components function correctly.
Some common signs that your dishwasher requires servicing include:

Poor Cleaning Performance
If your dishes are not coming out clean or if you notice food particles or residue after a cycle, it may indicate a problem with the dishwasher's spray arm, water inlet valve, or filter.

If you notice water pooling around your dishwasher or dripping from the door, there could be an issue with the door seal, pump, or hose connections.

Strange Noises
Unusual noises such as grinding, rattling, or squeaking during the dishwasher cycle may indicate a problem with the motor, pump, or spray arm.

Foul Odor
Persistent odors inside the dishwasher can indicate clogged filters, food debris stuck in the drain, or bacterial buildup. These issues can be resolved with a thorough cleaning and servicing.
While there are some minor repairs or maintenance tasks you can do yourself, you must opt for our dishwasher repair services. Dishwashers have complex mechanisms, and attempting repairs without proper knowledge and tools may cause further damage or pose a safety risk. Therefore, leaving more significant repairs or electrical issues to us is best.
The cost of dishwasher servicing can vary depending on factors such as the service provider, your location, the complexity of the issue, and the parts required. However, the cost may increase if any repairs or part replacements are necessary. Therefore, it's best to contact us for dishwashing services as our services are affordable.

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