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We have been servicing and repairing appliances in Thornhill for several years. With extensive experience in this industry, our appliance repair specialists will troubleshoot all issues with devices and make life easier for you. Book your appointment now for appliance repair services in Thornhill.

Appliances Repaired by us.

  • Home and industrial air conditioners,
  • Domestic and commercial refrigerators,
  • Dishwashers,
  • Dryers,
  • Washing machines.
  • Gas and electric stoves, ovens, hobs, etc.

We fully cooperate with both private clients and legal entities regarding appliance repair services in Thornhill. Apart from appliance repair services, we also carry out qualified technical supervision and draw up acts on the current state of the equipment. Turning to us, you will receive impeccable service for quite reasonable money!

Important Aspects

Breakdown of household appliances is a frequent problem for many since the failure of items necessary for everyday human life can not only negatively affect the general mood and significantly disrupt the regular life routine. However, the breakdown of household appliances is less of a problem than the repair by an unprofessional craftsman or just an amateur. Yes, at the moment, many people offer to quickly solve your problem related to the failure of household items. Still, they often lead to even more significant difficulties since unskilled workers often perform them.

It is necessary to resort only to the highly qualified assistance of first-class specialists in service centers. It is possible to bring broken equipment into complete order only after diagnosing the exact cause of its failure. Otherwise, you will have to resort to the services of these workers again and again. In addition, any failure completely uncorrected can lead to even more significant problems. Only in the case of contacting a specialized workshop will you receive high-quality maintenance of equipment and all the corresponding guarantees.

How do We work?

Our mission is to provide the client with high-quality and prompt repair of appliances. We strive to reduce the time for diagnostics by equipping appliance repair specialists with the most necessary and modern equipment. We retain sufficient staff to come to you very quickly. They have many spare parts to carry out repairs as soon as possible. In addition, we train and improve the skills of artisans so that the work is done professionally and efficiently.

Quite often, a situation arises when a client, wanting to sort out the breakdown on his own, or hoping that nothing serious has happened to the equipment, continues to operate it. Unfortunately, this consequence is more severe damage to the device’s electronic components. Examples are burnt-out processors and microcircuits, bursting tanks of washing machines, cracked crosses, burned-out refrigerator compressors, etc. All this could have been avoided if high-quality diagnostics and troubleshooting had been carried out promptly.

In addition, competent and professional installation and installation, regular maintenance, and preventive maintenance will significantly extend the life of any device. If you detect extraneous sounds, malfunctions, leaks, hums and rattles, and any other signs you have not observed before, contact our professionals!

They will visit the specified premises on the due date, repair the appliance, and make it work again. They also check if the fixed device works as per your expectations or not. They diagnose all issues with appliances and eliminate all of them in just a single visit.

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