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11:16 16 Aug 22
Vlad is an experienced technician and not giving you just price and truly explain everything. I am satisfied with his service. He saved us a lot of money. He came to my house 2 times for washer and stove repair. He did a great job. Highly Recommended!
Bunny HeymachBunny Heymach
17:12 02 Aug 22
We had not done any regular maintenance on it ever! He replaced all the rollers and the belt for a fair price and efficiently. I highly recommend this company who was recommended to me by a longtime neighbor. I know a lot because I've seen a lot
Isla RoseIsla Rose
07:54 19 Jul 22
The tech and everyone from the office was absolutely amazing. Had my refrigerator back up and running in two hours. The tech was more than friendly, professional and the price was absolutely reasonable. Thank you so much!
sushi ricesushi rice
03:06 29 Jun 22
They don't charge extra for weekends holidays or late night visits. They have technicians that work after 5 p.m. so you don't have to take a day off and lose a day's pay to give them money which is great. Canada Appliance Repair try to do the same day service and repair. Technician is so friendly and works on all appliances.
Mike MiniotaMike Miniota
19:02 22 Apr 22
CAR repaired my dishwasher that had stopped working. They were easy to schedule and had a professional client experience from placing the call to receiving service. A knowledgeable technician was able to to diagnose and resolve my problem with one visit. Payment is convenient through their online payment processing.Good job guys! Ty

Toronto's Premier Appliance Repair Services

Our Appliance Repair Pros are On Call 24/7 – Anytime, Anywhere

● 24/7 – round the clock, including weekends

● Servicing all of Toronto and the GTA

● Working with electrical and gas appliances

● TSSA Certified Gas Contractor

● Same Day Service

● Parts and labor warranty

● Precision and commitment to high-level service

● Over time, we prove reliability. We have been together for 10 years

● Hundreds of positive reviews

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Why Choose Canada Appliance Repair service?

● Our professional experts can repair appliances from a variety of brands.

● Experienced, well-trained, and friendly professionals.

● Our prices perfectly align with our customers’ budgets.

● Free appliance diagnostics are in service.

● We complete the majority of tasks within the same day.

● Appointment hours are flexible to meet your schedule.

● We offer a guarantee on our work and the spare parts used.

● All our technicians are insured and licensed, including TSSA Certified Gas Contractor.

● We appreciate our work and our clients. Thanks for the hundreds of sincere reviews!

Home Appliance Repair Services You Can Trust!

When you contact our company, you receive high-quality service and quality ensure.

To get home appliance repair services near Toronto and GTA, place your request on our website or call (416)887-5839.

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    Common Issues

    These common issues can disrupt the functionality of cooktops and ovens, causing inconvenience and frustration for clients. Seeking professional repair services can help diagnose and resolve these problems effectively.

    Temperature Inconsistencies

    Cooktops and ovens may fail to maintain consistent temperatures, leading to uneven cooking or baking results.

    Burner Malfunctions

    Burners on cooktops may not ignite properly, fail to heat up, or produce uneven flames, affecting cooking performance.

    Oven Not Heating Up

    Clients may encounter issues where the oven fails to heat up to the desired temperature, resulting in undercooked or unevenly cooked food.

    Broken Heating Elements

    Heating elements in ovens or cooktops may malfunction or break, impacting the appliance’s ability to generate heat evenly.

    Electrical Problems

    Clients may experience electrical issues such as tripped circuits, faulty wiring, or power outages that disrupt the operation of their cooktops and ovens.

    Control Panel Malfunctions

    Malfunctions in the control panels, including unresponsive buttons, inaccurate temperature settings, or error codes, can hinder the operation of the appliance.

    Self-Cleaning Function Issues

    Clients may encounter problems with the self-cleaning function, such as the oven failing to initiate or complete the cleaning cycle properly.

    Our Services


    Modern dishwashers are appliances that successfully replace manual labor in a professional kitchen.

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    Washer & Dryer

    Canada Appliance Repair is experienced in servicing all major brands of washing machines and dryers

    More Details

    Cooktop & Oven

    Is your oven failing to cook your food to the correct temperature? Are the burners on your stove not lighting?

    More Details

    Refrigerator Repair

    Refrigerators are important appliances without which it is impossible to imagine modern apartments...

    More Details

    Freezer Repair

    Professional repair of freezers is one of the most important areas of our company. Qualified engineers...

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    Gas Appliance

    The main task of maintenance of in-house gas equipment of residential buildings and public building...

    More Details



    The time it takes to repair an appliance can vary depending on the type of appliance and the extent of the damage. Generally, it can take a few hours to a few days. It is best to contact us directly to get an estimate for your specific situation.
    The cost of our appliance repair services can vary depending on several factors, including the type of appliance and the complexity of the repair. So, communicate with our expert and get a price estimate.
    While homeowners can do some minor appliance repairs, attempting to repair appliances without proper knowledge and experience can lead to further damage or even personal injury if you are unfamiliar with appliance repair. It's better to use our appliance repair services to give life to damaged appliances.
    Our appliance repair experts can repair various household appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and microwaves.
    If your appliance is still under warranty, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer or the authorized service provider listed in your warranty documentation. They will be able to assist you with the repair or replacement process and ensure that you comply with the warranty terms.
    Deciding whether to repair or replace an older appliance depends on several factors, such as the repair cost, the appliance's age, and its overall condition. We can help assess the situation and provide you with an informed recommendation.
    Yes, we can. We have several years of experience repairing appliances of multiple brands and models.
    Regular maintenance and proper usage can help prevent appliance issues in the future. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintenance, avoid overloading appliances, and promptly address any minor issues or unusual sounds. Additionally, consider scheduling periodic inspections or tune-ups with us to catch potential problems early on.

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