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Washers and Dryers are essential appliances for any household. When these appliances fail, it disrupts regular routines. At Canada Appliance Repair, we specialize in expert repair, maintenance, and installation services for residential, industrial, and commercial washer machines and dryers. We also work with gas dryers. Our skilled team is here to answer any questions or issues you have. Trust us to keep your washers and dryers operating smoothly, ensuring convenience and efficiency!

You need to contact the service center if:

  • Drainage Problems: The washing machine may experience difficulties draining water properly, leading to water remaining in the tub after the cycle ends.
  • A washing machine does not spin well.
  • Washing machines may develop leaks.
  • Loud Noises During Operation: Washing machines may produce loud or unusual noises.
  • A dryer is not heating.
  • Poor Drying Performance: Even if the dryer is heating up, the clothing may not dry completely.
  • A dryer produces loud or unusual noises during operation.
  • Dryers may fail to start due to problems with the power supply, door switch, or electronic controls, similar to washing machines.
  • Igniter Problems: Gas dryers rely on an igniter to ignite the gas and produce heat. The dryer may not heat effectively if the igniter malfunctions or fails to ignite the gas.

Why choose us for your Washer and Dryer troubleshooting?

  • Expert handling of every level of complexity, from part replacement to electronic system repair.
  • Working with Gas Dryers, TSSA Certified Gas Contractor.
  • Servicing all washer and dryer units, regardless of brand or origin.
  • Long-term warranty coverage for both services and spare parts.
  • Highly trained specialists with extensive expertise.
  • Complimentary house visits for diagnostics.
  • Urgent service is available with minimal wait time for technician arrival.
  • Cost-effective washer and dryer repairs tailored to optimal limits.
  • We procure spare parts at manufacturer prices, ensuring fair and transparent service rates.
  • Choose us for reliable, efficient, and affordable solutions to keep your washer and dryer running smoothly!


Some common issues that may require washer and dryer repair services include:

- The washing machine is not spinning or agitating properly,
- The dryer is not heating or drying clothes effectively,
- Excessive noise or vibration during operation,
- Water leakage from the washer,
- Error codes or malfunctions displayed on the control panel, &
- Clogged dryer vents cause poor airflow
The repair time can vary depending on the specific problem and the availability of replacement parts. Sometimes, a repair technician can diagnose and fix the issue within a single visit, while more complex problems may require additional time. It is best to consult us for an estimated timeframe based on your appliance's specific issue.
The cost of washer and dryer repair services in Toronto can vary based on factors such as the problem's nature, the appliance's brand and model, and the service provider's pricing structure. Our service cost is affordable, providing more excellent value to all customers.

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