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Stove, Oven & Range Hood Repair Toronto


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Our experienced craftsmen carry out technically competent repairs of oven stoves of any complexity using branded parts. They thoroughly understand the design of all modifications of electric ovens. All malfunctions are eliminated based on the results of comprehensive diagnostics. The cost of repairing the oven is determined after an external inspection and technical express examination.

The rather complex design of modern built-in ovens requires a careful approach to the identification and elimination of various malfunctions. To ensure that the electric oven repairman takes everything you need with him on departure, describe the symptoms of the breakdown in detail to the dispatcher or in the application form online. We have a large stock of various components and spare parts, which allows you to carry out prompt repair work directly on site.

Types of oven repair services provided by us:

  • Replacing the heating element
  • Installing a new thermostat;
  • Installing a new fan;
  • Software reconfiguration;
  • Replacement of cables, cables, plugs, and control knobs;
  • Major cleaning of contact groups;
  • Installation of new glass, lighting lamps, and measuring instruments

The electric oven repairman will tell you all the details of the cause of the breakdown and how to fix it. If you are satisfied with the advertised price, then the fault detected during the diagnostic process is eliminated on the spot. Repair of the built-in oven at home can sometimes be carried out without dismantling the appliance. Fixing serious defects will require more time for disassembly and reassembly. If the master does not have the necessary part at his disposal, which is extremely rare, it will be ordered and delivered as soon as possible. Call us right now to get oven stove Repair services as quickly as possible!

It is dangerous to try to repair an oven yourself. So if you are experiencing any problems with your microwave oven, give us a call at (416) 887-5839 because it could be more cost effective to repair your oven than to replace it.

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