The dishwasher is an important piece of kitchen equipment- a dream of every housewife who does not have it & an irreplaceable “assistant” for happy owners. Buying a dishwasher, each family member hopes that now they will never wash dishes with their hands again. Unfortunately, this possibility is not excluded because the dishwasher can fail like any other equipment. What are the main malfunctions of the dishwasher? What preventive measures should be taken to ensure that an irreplaceable household appliance lasts as long as possible without breakdowns? 

Even if you carefully operate the dishwasher according to the instructions, you may encounter the fact that our equipment refuses to work one day. You can repair minor breakdowns independently. But in some cases, you need to call Canada Appliance Repair service provider.

  • What problems can a specialist track and troubleshoot?

It Doesn’t Turn On

  • It happens because of faulty wires, plugs, and sockets. Damage to the dishwasher’s wiring or plug may cause it to disconnect or short-circuit. If you find kinks, fractures, or a broken fork, call the Canada Appliance Repair service.
  • A malfunction in the main board is located inside the appliance. Damage or burning of contacts in the main control board leads to disconnection of the dishwasher; the device is electrocuted, plugs “fly-out,” and the display is turned off. In most cases our appliance repair specialists need to replace broken parts completely, in some cases can fix wiring issues on the spot.
  • The control panel buttons are broken, can’t be pressed, dangle or sink when pressed. It is necessary to disassemble the dishwasher’s front panel and check the bolts and latches on the backside. If the fastenings are broken, and the pushers fly out, call our appliance repair company to get a quote on your dishwasher repair.

The Dishwasher Does not heat or overheat.

  • The heating element has burned out, or loose connection, or control board not sending proper voltage to element, or heating element fuse broken. To check or repair the heating element, it is necessary to turn the unit over, remove the back wall and visually inspect the heating element contacts and measure for continuity. We recommend that you call Canada Appliance Repair service provider. Their knowledgeable specialists will immediately fix the problem.
  • The power contacts on the control Board were burned. If the contacts are faulty, the dishwasher’s onboard computer does not transmit the command to heat the water. Sometimes mechanical cleaning of the connections is enough to restore their performance.

The Dishwasher Does not drain water.

  • The garbage filter is clogged. Food residues from the dishes gradually collect in the filter cavity, preventing normal water circulation. To restore normal operation, clean the filter. You can do this yourself or call an expert.
  • The drain pump is jammed or burnt out. A characteristic feature is silence when the washing cycle is completed, and the water drain is started. The part is almost impossible to repair and requires a complete replacement.
  • If there is a sound of an electric motor running, but the liquid is standing, then large debris has got into the “snail” pipe. Experts disassemble and mechanically clean it.
  • Water is not being poured
  • Overflow protection is activated. When the dishwasher is empty, the overflow protection sensor may trigger, which turns on the drain pump to protect against flooding. It is necessary to disconnect the dishwasher from the power supply and water supply. you need to call our proffesional appliance repair team.
  • The intake valve, a small electromagnetic element that controls the flow of liquid, is burned down. Most often, it burns out due to wear, voltage drops, or clogging. Contact may also be broken in the cable connections between the parts. In this case, you need to call the specialists who can replace the intake water valve.

The dishwasher doesn’t wash dishes properly.

  • One of the most common problems when dishwashers break down is clogging the impellers’ nozzles or sprinklers. If they are clogged, the flushing jets’ pressure is not enough to maintain rotation, and the machine stops. The dishes remain dirty on one side. You can easily remove and flush Sprinklers with a stream of water. another problem can be with a sump pump motor, which is broken or jammed and not working efficiently.

Dishwasher Stops During Operation

  • The AQUASTOP system is activated. Some modern dishwashers are equipped with an AQUASTOP leak protection system. If water is leaking into the dishwasher tray, the drain pump will start, and the operation will stop. As a rule, the equipment informs this by a specific code like for example E24 error code on Bosch dishwashers, on display or flashing indicators. you need to call appliance repair specialist.
  • Another problem may be glitches or failure of the AQUASTOP sensor itself, which mistakenly reports a leak if there is none. In this case, the sensor needs to be replaced.
  • The float switch is activated. Modern dishwashers are usually equipped with a float switch to protect against overflow. If it doesn’t work correctly, you need to check it. Remove the front lower cover, get to the pallet and check the float for sticking manually. Tapping helps fix the problem. If it doesn’t help, you need to call our dishwasher repair specialists and replace the switch.
  • If the equipment often does not complete the cycle even after repairing the modules mentioned above, the main control module is defective, which happens most of the times with samsung dishwashers.

Dishwasher is leaking

  • The door seals are torn apart or worn-out. If the seals are damaged or dry, the door closes loosely, causing water leakage with leakage at the bottom. Minor damage to the rubber band usually does not affect the operation of the dishwasher in any way. Repairs are carried out by replacing the upper and then lower seal. The equipment is disconnected from the power, the door is fully opened and in most cases needs to be fully disassembled, and the loading trays and baskets are removed. The sealer is carefully pulled out of the recess. The gutter is wiped with cotton swabs and a dry cloth; then a new seal is installed, pushing the rubber bands all the way.
  • Broken lock on the door. If there is no characteristic click when closing the door, the lock is most likely faulty. The door closes loosely, causing water leakage. An error code must accompany the failure with a corresponding icon indication, which does not always happen. To replace the lock, the device is de-energized, the facade and control panel are removed, the lock is unscrewed and replaced with a new one.
  • The door or body mount is deformed. With careless operation, the door mounting bracket can be deformed, a couple of degrees that are not noticeable to the eye, enough for the elastic band to start letting water through. For diagnostics, the door is visually examined for dents, loose fit to the body of dishwasher. We recommend replacing the mount with a new one.
  • Loose connections of drain and or other hoses

Dishwasher Door is Not Closing

  • The lock mechanism is broken. The door does not hold or lock in the closed position. The lock can jam even when the door is open, which will not allow hermetically closing the dishwasher. You can solve the problem one-time with a screwdriver by wedging the lock tab, but it is better to make a complete replacement of the locking element.
  • Garbage gets into the main engine.
  • If debris gets into the high-pressure motor (pump), the machine will make a characteristic noise, screech, whistle, and may wedge the electric motor, causing a hum. A burning smell appears, and fuses are triggered. This happens due to the loading of dishes in the dishwasher that are contaminated with large food residues, such as seeds from berries and fruits. Professionals will take out the sump pump and try to rinse it, it usually helps.

The Dishwasher Doesn’t Dry

  • The thermal fuse of the air Heater is activated. The problem appears over time when the condensation drying case overheats. The thermal fuse needs to be replaced, most often together with the dehumidifier module.
  • The air heating element has blown out. When the heating element fails, a burning smell may appear. Replacement of the part becomes mandatory. Specialists can easily do it.
  • The warm air run engine blew out. The problem occurs when power surges, the air filter is dirty, and often occurs in conjunction with a broken mains filter. Changing the assembly or rewinding the winding rarely helps and is not cost-effective. Call Canada appliance repair service provider to troubleshoot the problem completely.

The Dishwasher is getting clogged Time and Again.

  • Do not load dishes that are excessively contaminated with food residues into the dishwasher. All fat, bones, seeds, and other biological residues accumulate in the pipes and hoses. To eliminate the problem of dishwasher, specialists has to disassemble the machine and clean it manually.
  • Dishwasher is an important component of modern families. You can easily wash dishes with its help. However, such devices malfunction or breakdown after continuous use. If you are going to repair a dishwasher with your own hands, you must accurately represent its design, the purpose of all components, and the general principle of operation. It is always wise to call Canada Appliance Repair service provider ASAP if the dishwasher has stopped draining water, does not turn on, or has started to leak. Professionals can easily find out many breakdowns and malfunctions and provide reliable solutions to problems.