Our Recommendations for DIY Steps to Check Cooktop

If the electric cooktop is not working, check if there is an issue with the power supply. Begin with simple things.
The first step is to verify the power in the outlet and the voltage supplied, which can be checked with a multimeter. If there’s low voltage, it might lead to improper heating of burners and control operation is incorrect.
Then, inspect the plug and electrical cord to verify its integrity. If there are any visible damages on the insulation, it’s best to consider an electric stove wire replacement.
The step after this is to see if the contact on the plate, where to attach the cord is loose. If there are no signs of damage to insulation that you can see with your eyes, gently pull the wire a bit to check if it has come loose from fastening.
After you finish examining all these, we can proceed with electric stove repair. Fixing an electric stove starts with finding out what is wrong exactly. We can make an educated guess about the reasons by considering this.

Here are the main problems you may encounter with electric cooktop or stove ranges

Problems with electric cooktops:

If the burners fail to heat, the power supply could be the issue, or there might have been a power circuit fuse blow due to surges in electricity.
If the problem of burners not heating up started right after the hob was set up, then it’s likely that a wire with inadequate cross-section was chosen.

Problems that can cause a burner to not heat up (or heat up weakly) are:

The heating element has stopped working. The sole solution is to substitute it. Or make an electric stove burner coil replacement if you have a coil stovetop.

Poor contact in the connection circuit.

The part that has stopped working is the temperature sensor or relay for turning on the cooktop heating element of the burner. This component often cannot be repaired and must be changed entirely.

The situation is similar to the temperature controller.

Cooktop touchpad problems:

An electric stove touch panel that is not operated correctly might also be the reason for a hob malfunction. You can tell if this is happening by listening. When it functions correctly, there are accompanying sound signals. If they are not there, something is wrong. The panel does not respond. This could be due to dirt on the surface and panel, which prevents them from understanding that they are being accessed. In this case, you wash the panel, wipe it, and then try everything again.
If the glass top is cracked or damaged, you need an electric stove glass top replacement. Sometimes it works for portable electric stoves also. 
Remember, the best way to perfect electric cooktop repair or electric stove fixes is professional help! Our professional team is ready to help 24/7 – just call us!