A large number of people use dryers. It helps them dry clothes quickly. For the dryer to last for its full life cycle and work flawlessly, it needs care and regular maintenance. If your clothes don’t dry as thoroughly or as quickly as they normally do, or it’s been a long time since you cleaned the vent in the dryer, it might be time for cleaning and maintenance. In addition to making your dryer run more efficiently, regular cleaning of the dryer reduces the risk of clogging the vent and leading to a fire. We have compiled special instructions that will help you achieve continuous operation of the dryer, keep it hygienically clean and efficient for many years to come

Clean the Hand Dryer

Over time, dust and dirt accumulate inside the dryer, which often causes engine failure and negatively affects the hygiene of the device. Therefore, you must clean the appliance regularly. You must do it depending on the frequency of use of the dryer and the location where the dryer is located. For example, it will need double care if it is installed in a factory and not in a regular office. Use a soft cloth and ordinary detergent as washing tools. With the combination of ordinary soap and warm water, it will work smoothly. You should keep some substances away from the dryer, detailed here below:

  • Alcohol-acid mixtures,
  • Alcohol/oil-based solvents,
  • Alkaline bleaching mixes,
  • Substances based on quaternary ammonium,
  • Foaming agents, and
  • Bleaching or abrasive cleaning agents.

It is worth wiping the walls around the device and using a mop to wash the floor around it for hygiene purposes. Don’t forget to ensure that the infrared sensors are wiped clean and working smoothly

Emptying the Water Tank

  • If you have a high-speed hand installed, it does not evaporate moisture but simply blows it into a particular container. If it is complete, the dryer merely stops working. New models of dryers have an automatic system for draining water into the sewer, but older models require manual emptying of the tank. You must do it approximately once a month (depending on the frequency of the dryer usage). Another reason for emptying a water container is hygiene because microbes and harmful organisms begin to accumulate in standing water. Therefore, it will be better to wash the container with warm water and soap. Usually, the tanks are installed so that they can be easily disconnected. However, if you still have problems, just refer to the instructions as before

Replacing the Circuit Board

  • The circuit board is the heart of any hand dryer. It connects all parts of the device and transmits a signal from infrared sensors to the motor. Therefore, if the board breaks, the dryer immediately stops working. If you are faced with such a problem, you should start buying a new board. It is better to do this from the manufacturer to avoid purchasing low-quality products. After making the purchase, you should begin to directly replace the circuit boards. You must invite Canada Appliance Repair services to replace the circuit board. Their experts have all the necessary tools and techniques to perform the troubleshooting job and can complete the task quickly with their experience.

Technical Problems with Dryers

People often face the following problems with the dryer:

  • The dryer does not turn on,
  • Excessive noise,
  • Clothing remains crumpled when taken out of the dryer,
  • The dryer does not rotate,
  • The dryer does not generate heat &
  • Problems with the dryer overheating.

All these problems with the appliance may appear at any time. You must invite Canada Appliance Repair services. They will look into the issue and eliminate them using all possible means. Professional intervention helps keep the appliance in good condition and extend its life considerably.