It would not be wrong to say that the refrigerator is an essential appliance in any kitchen. For the refrigerator to be ergonomic and clean, it is necessary to take care of it more often than once a month. This appliance is designed to make our lives easier and help women be good housewives. Cold weather is in full flow in Canada and other countries. How can you take care of your refrigerator in the freezing weather? Let’s see.

Effect of Low Temperatures on Different Parts of the Refrigerator

The Thermostat
It doesn’t react to sub-zero temperatures. When you turn off the device, it will remain in the same state. The activated thermostat will not perform its primary function – to signal the compressor to change the temperature. The principle of operation of the refrigeration unit is to lower the temperature when it rises to the set parameters to preserve the freshness of food.
Oil In winter, the viscosity of the oil increases significantly. Different brands will react differently, but such a change in the liquid can change its properties. In addition, after liquefaction, it may lose its lubricating properties.
Freon If you turn off the refrigerator, nothing will happen to the gas. If you turn on the unit in winter, it will most likely not work. The gas will not circulate through the system due to a decrease in pressure in the pipes. It simply will not be able to leave the condenser.
Evaporator In winter, the iron base of the evaporator freezes to form growths. Thawing may cause cracks and other damages. This is especially disastrous for refrigerators that are equipped with the no-frost system.
Sealing rubber bands They are responsible for the stable operation of the fridge, preventing cold leakage. The composition of sealing rubber bands does not imply their use in the cold or a very humid room. Extreme cold and moisture negatively affect the integrity of the rubber strip — it cracks, delaminates, and loses its elasticity.
Boards In icy weather, boards may get disabled. It will hit your pocket as the board is one of the most expensive parts of the refrigerator.

Possible Problems with the Appliance in Winter:

  • The fridge works but doesn’t freeze,
  • The failure of the control unit,
  • The failure of the temperature sensor,
  • The inability of the defrost sensor.

Proper Placement of Refrigerator in Cold Weather

  • The refrigerator will work best in the coolest part of the kitchen, away from direct sunlight, stove, battery, and other heating devices. Make sure that air circulates freely between the back wall of the refrigerator and the wall. Do not forget to wipe the dust from the back regularly.
  • If your refrigerator rubber gasket starts to stick on the door, lubricate it with vegetable oil. Few people know that dust that collects on the back wall of the refrigerator can increase the power consumption of the fridge. Therefore, it is recommended to wipe the back wall regularly. When you turn off the power, the food in the fridge can start to spoil. To extend the time to maintain a low temperature in the freezer, place a metal object, preferably copper, in it.

Resort to Canada Appliance Services for Defrosting Process

  • Any refrigerator is designed for a certain amount of food. Therefore, do not clog the shelves to the limit. Air should circulate freely between food packages. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the unit to cool the contents, and it may fail from overloading.
  • As for defrosting the refrigerator, it all depends on the type of refrigerator and the presence (or absence) of certain functions in it. If your refrigerator is equipped with a frost system, everything becomes easier because the fridge itself will do all the defrosting work for you. In such a refrigerator, behind the lining of the chamber, there is an evaporator, where air enters from the food storage chamber. Frost frozen during the operation of the refrigerator is melted using a unique heating element. The water formed during frost melting flows down the drainage system and evaporates due to the compressor’s heat. Such a refrigerator does not need to be defrosted.
  • If the fridge is not equipped with the No Frost system (it prevents the formation of Frost), then defrost it twice a month naturally, without trying to scrape off the ice with sharp objects. This can damage the walls of the evaporator. If you can’t do this, invite Canada Appliance Repair services to perform the job.
  • At the end of defrosting, professionals wash the shelves, glass stands, and other removable parts in warm water, as well as the refrigerator itself. To achieve the best result, they use special detergents. When the process is finished, they wipe all the parts with a soft dry cloth, and only when they are dry can you turn on the refrigerator. They also clean the outer surface of the fridge with a cloth soaked in soapy water or a weak soda solution.

Secrets of Effective Refrigerator Care in Cold Weather

  • Keep similar packages together. Jams, ketchup, and mustard should be in one corner of the refrigerator, while cream, sour cream, and yogurt should be in the other. Do not put food anyhow, and you will avoid chaos in the refrigerator.
  • Evaluate the available products. Before going to the supermarket, see what’s in your refrigerator and what’s not. If the food is expired or mouldy, throw it away. To avoid such damage, do not buy additional products that have not yet been used.
  • Stick to the product neighbourhood. Do not store meat, milk, or vegetables together. Different places in the refrigerator have different temperatures, so improper storage is fraught with the development of pathogenic bacteria. Store vegetables in special freshness zones, dairy products on the first or second shelf, and meat at the very bottom of the refrigerator. Putting beef on the bottom bracket is essential because it has the lowest temperature. If flesh flows, it will not stain other products.
  • The best way to keep your refrigerator clean is to put food in plastic containers. For convenience, you can stick stickers on these containers to determine which vessel is intended for which food. The door is the warmest place in the refrigerator. This is extremely important to understand before putting food there. Seasonings, jams, and sauces should be stored in the refrigerator door. You cannot put juices, milk, or meat products there.
  • Do not put all fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. Some fruits and vegetables, such as exotic fruits, apples, pears, bananas, onions, potatoes, or tomatoes in the refrigerator spoil and begin to rot.Invite Canada Appliance Services for proper cleaning of the refrigerator.

Proper Washing at Regular Intervals

  • You must clean the inner surface of the refrigerator with a solution of warm water and baking soda, about one tablespoon of soda per 1 litre of water. It eliminates all unpleasant odours. It is enough to wash the door rubber seals of the refrigerator and its outer surface, simply with warm water. After cleaning, wipe the fridge with a dry cloth and ventilate it for about 30 minutes. When washing, protect the lighting system and the temperature switch from direct water ingress. Once a year, you need to pay due attention to the back wall of the refrigerator, and you can use a vacuum cleaner and an appropriate nozzle. One way or another, this increases the service life of the fridge and reduces the energy consumed by it.

Technical Issues

  • A wide range of technical issues may flourish with appliances in the cold weather if you are careless about their well-being. If your refrigerator has any technical fault, contact Canada Appliance Repair specialists. They will look into the problem and eliminate them in a short time. They have experience, expertise, tools, and spare parts to deal with a wide range of technical issues.

In conclusion

  • All homeowners must be careful when they use refrigerators in the cold season. A careless approach towards appliance care can bring negative consequences. Regular cleaning, proper use, suitable placement, voltage regulation, and regular visits of experts are vital to keep your appliance in good condition and use it for a long time.